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You can act as a loan broker and look out for the best loan terms for borrowers, arrange for the loan and earn a commission for setting up the loan. There are so many money institutions around that are in the business of lending money to people who need them for various reasons. Basically there are the commercial banks. Apart from those ,there are other institutions operating as finance companies covering loans for buying property or a house. They also provide for personal loans and for business undertakings. These companies charge different rates of interests and for documentation as well.

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You will have to scout around and find the best offer. You may also negotiate to work in synergy with these companies and ensure that the borrower gets the best loan arrangement around. Once you are armed with this, move around as loan broker and arrange for the loan at a commission. Print a lot of business visiting cards introducing yourself and pass around those cards. You can also approach people whom you think may need a loan. You will be surprised wholesale air cleaner from here to find that a lot of people need a loan but are unable to arrange one.


You can make a lot of money cashing in on peoples’ hobby. Fishing is one area where you can come in. To be successful you need to be innovative. Fishing enthusiasts are always looking for good areas to fish and feel satisfied and proud to show off if they bag a good catch. To capitalize on this, arrange a fishing contest where you charge a substantial fee. Make the contest interesting.

A very attractive way is to hold the fishing contest at a fishing stake offshore. Arrange with the fishing stake owner to use his place for the contest. Make it a two-sessions affair; one from early morning to midday and the other from midday to late evening. If it is convenient, you can also arrange for night fishing, as long as you keep the number of hours equal for every session. Arrange also to take the participants to the fishing area. Make the charge inclusive of that and offer to provide a meal.

Advertise widely in the newspapers and you will find people coming from many areas and even from out of town places to join the fun. Offer good and attractive cash prizes and you will draw a good crowd to enable you to make a handsome income. Hold this contest at regular intervals and at different locations.


Transporting cargo has always been a good business and there is no lack of cargo to transport as well. Many companies nowadays prefer to hire transport companies to move their cargo rather than buy a lorry themselves to do the job. They save on driver’s salaries and also on off peak time layoff. They save also on insurance, repair, breakdowns and a paraphernalia of other inconveniences attached including traffic summons and under the counter payments. Hiring transport companies to move their goods save them all the headache.

You have a good business opportunity here. All you need is a good lorry with trailer and a good driver if you do not drive the lorry yourself. Advertise in the yellow pages. You will have to look for clients yourself in the initial stages until you are established and are able to make a contract arrangement with a number of companies to move their goods. You will not be short of customers if you establish a good name and provide good services to your clients. Customers only want their goods to be delivered safely on time. If you can ensure that, you have yourself a good future.  


This is rather a sneaky money-making trick but if done properly will bring in good money. In a year, there are so many big conventions being held in town. Hundreds of participants and sometimes thousands of them converge on the city to attend the conventions. They all need rooms to stay.

What you can do is prior to the convention, you book the hotel rooms in the area; book up to 100 to 200 rooms. This will cause a shortage of rooms at the time of the conventions and participants would be willing to pay a little extra just to be able to stay close to the convention halls. Though they will be paying extra for the rooms, they still save on time cost and the cost of traveling through traffic in the city to get to the convention halls. This is where you make money. Offer them rooms that you have earlier reserved at a higher rental. Sometimes people are even willing to pay double just to be near the convention site and save all commuting inconveniences.

If it is a political party convention, the party or candidates will pay for them and thus the rental does not matter any more. If you do not want to take risks with your money, you can arrange with hotel counters to keep reservations for you and arrange to share the profits. This would be more like it and all you have to do is wait for the profits to come in.   


Short-duration sports camp is a good way of making money. This can be done during the school holidays. Parents will enroll their children to join these camps for two reasons. One is to improve their skills art various games. The other is to keep them occupied fruitfully during the holidays to prevent them from getting bored and then get involved in untoward activities.

You can charge a substantial fee and parents will pay. Engage a few sports coaches to teach these children the various games which can include soccer, hockey, squash and whatever is popular in your area.

To attract the crowd, attach a personality name to the camp like Ryan Giggs Soccer Camp. All you need to do is to make an arrangement for the star to appear on a day and work with the kids. The camp would be filled to capacity and you can pay 25% of the profits to the personality concerned. Do this for education as well and you will find yourself busy and good money flowing in.


This is especially attractive when held close to an examination. Seminars can be held to show students methods of answering questions in an examination with special emphasis on the examination they are about to take. The best way is to make the arrangement through the various schools to provide students for the seminars. Parents can be charged a fee for the seminar.

Arrange for a few facilitators who are versed in the subjects to be discussed and select a suitable place for the seminar. The seminar can be conducted at camp sites and be called as Summer Camp Educational Seminar  or it can also be conducted at a hotel. Payments charged for the seminar will vary with the duration and place.

Many examinations will take place especially toward the end of the year. So there is ample opportunity to hold a number of seminars and earn in the process.

Advertise in the newspapers and also locally through leaflets and word of mouth. You will know exactly what to do as you keep on conducting consecutive seminars.


This job is good for physical enthusiasts who really understand exercise and how to train with weights. If you are one, then this business is good for you. You can charge in the region of $40 per session and 4 session per week. That will account to $160 per week. If you have 5 clients, then you can earn up to $ 800 per month, working 4 days a week and 5 hours a day.

At any one time you do not need so many clients to keep your business going. Five is already enough but if you can handle longer hours and an extra day, you will make over a thousand dollars a month. That is good money.

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